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Working to minimize the

effects of lead

on learning.

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Every year in Erie County, thousands of children under the age of six are diagnosed with elevated blood lead levels. Thousands more are exposed to lead hazards in their homes. Children affected by lead toxins are at greater risk of:

Lower IQ scores and
learning disabilities
Speech and hearing difficulties
Attention problems and behavior issues

Lead poisoning is 100% preventable. However, in children who are affected, the damage can be permanent and devastating. LEAD716 is working to mitigate these negative effects on a child’s cognitive ability, during a critical time in brain development. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “Research demonstrates that children with developmental delays or at high risk for developmental delays benefit most from interventions that start at an early age.” The CDC also states, “No safe blood lead level in children has been identified.”


LEAD716 is a free program aimed to provide critically-needed early academic intervention to preschool children in Western New York diagnosed with elevated lead levels in their blood.


LEAD716 mentoring focuses on early literacy skill development and helps ensure the children are prepared for success in kindergarten and beyond.


For more information, or to enroll your child in the free LEAD716 program, click on the button below to fill out and submit an enrollment request.

4 Million

homes in the U.S. expose kids to lead


children in U.S. ages 1 to 5 
have blood lead levels high enough to damage their health


of lead cases are preventable

24 Million

U.S. homes have deteriorated
lead-based paint and contaminated
house dust
Here are just a few tips you can try at home to help prevent lead poisoning:
"With LEAD716, we are focused on helping kids before they enter school — before they encounter learning problems — at an age when they are more resilient. It is our hope that, as a result of this project, children in Erie County who have been affected by lead will lead healthier, more successful lives." 
Marc Hennig, CEO
Learning Disabilities Association
of Western New York
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LEAD716 Video

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Program Coordinator:

Breana Hargrave

(716) 874-7200 x1150

Beyond Learning Center

2049 George Urban Blvd,
Depew, NY 14043

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